E3: 2012 SiNG (Working Title) Impressions

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The music and singing game trend continues with Nintendo’s Press Conference at E3 2012 as Nintendo announced their 1st Party music game SiNG.  While it is just a working title right now, SiNG is set to make the players more a part of the action then just reading what is on the screen by having the lyrics come up on the Gamepad.  The trailer, which players can view below, shows it off a little bit cheesier with the friends apparently really getting into it and singing the back-up sections, but none-the-less present a much different style of karaoke game for home use.

While the trailer hypes it up a bit higher than probably necessary, the idea is solid.  Since SiNG is still a working title hopefully they can add a lot more to the game or maybe they will just keep it the separate screen karaoke setup, which would be useful for anyone interested in that sort of thing, as it is much closer to that kind of experience.  We’ll probably hear more from this title later, though maybe as Wii SiNG or U SiNG, etc.

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