E3: 2012 Just Dance 4 Impressions

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The Nintendo Press Conference for E3 2012 featured Reggie Fils-Aime using the Gamepad for Just Dance 4 with four dancers using the Wiimotes.  The game uses asymmetric gaming for its new “Puppet Master Mode”, where the Gamepad holder can choose the moves to be done by the four Wiimote users, allowing for a more unique experience every time.

Utilizing the Gamepad, Just Dance 4 seems to be really changing the formula, so who knows how many other modes the game will also feature or how many will cater to those of us not as inclined towards the actual making a fool of ourselves.  If you missed the stage demo, or even if you saw it, there is an E3 Trailer for Just Dance 4 below that shows off a bit of what’s new.

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