Drox Operative Available for Pre-Order

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Drox Operative the action RPG from Soldak Entertainment is now available for pre-order on both Mac and Windows PC.  As an added incentive pre-ordering now not only gives a reduced price of $14.99, but the ability to get in on the latest beta build and help give feedback.

The game lets players take on the role of a Drox Operative, a super elite captain trained to do the impossible, but instead of fighting for the Drox the game is set when the Drox is long since extinct save for Operatives.  Now the only goal is to take whatever jobs pay the best and stick with the winning side, as empires rise and war around you.

The game sounds pretty interesting with the only true goal being to forward yourself and your ship outside of the space empires.  Plus with co-op multiplayer, it’d be fun to completely upset empires through missions with your friends.  Players interested can pre-order Drox Operative HERE.

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