Posted by Joshua Moris on Jun 13, 2012

Diablo 3: Real-Money Auction House Launch

Diablo 3 players have been anxiously waiting for the addition of the real-money auction house since the game’s launch. Today marks the official launch for the real currency market that utilizes third party companies as well as accounts for the Americas (U.S. dollar, Australian dollar, Mexican peso). While other parts of the world might be angered by not receiving the same update, Blizzard points out that this is one aspect of the game that needs to be smooth.

In order to access the real-money auction house, players must first click on the “Auction House” button on the left portion of their screen. The market has now been divided into two separate portions – gold and regional currency. On the upper right hand of the auction house page, you will see your region’s currency. By pressing the icon, you will switch from gold transactions to currency transactions.


Here are a couple key facts to follow by when using the Real-Money Auction House:

1. Players can only perform purchase items within their region. If your home region is in the Americas, an European character cannot buy, sell, or use items from that region. Use common sense and stick to your own region for money transactions.

2. Obtaining security is a must for all currency transactions. Players can use their balance to purchase items, but they must have a Authenticator or Mobile Authenticator application for their accounts. People who choose to use PayPal instead will have to sign up with the SMS Protect service.

3. Obtain security anyway. Even without using the real currency auction house, hacked accounts have been reported. Get a mobile authenticator just in case. Filthy hackers…

Additionally, note that all transactions may not be instant. When purchasing an item, players may encounter a wait to collect the purchased item. In this event the collection area will have “Processing” rather than being completed. I think Blizzard is hoping for a mass majority of people with good credit – wishful thinking.

Give us a shout about your concerns and wishes for the Blizzard Real-Money Auction House. How much money would you spend on a piece of armor?

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