Posted by Luke Halliday on Jun 25, 2012

CC Weekly News Recap – 18th-24th June 2012

It was a quiet week. It was a slow week. It was a tiresome week. But hey, there is a bigger 3DS now I suppose? So soon too! Oh bugger it all! Well at least there isn’t a sequel to Russell Grant’s Astrology for the 3DS yet. Thank god for that.

Here what made headlines this week:

Gaming News:
Namco Bandai working on next Smash Bros. Game
- Platinum Games developer diary is very insightful
- Anarchy Reigns delayed until 2013
- Leak reveals Sonic Adventure 2 HD coming to XBLA and PSN
- Dead or Alive 5 will not include post-launch DLC character
- No Charger for 3DS XL in Europe and Japan
- Nintendo 3DS XL confirmed for US release on August 19th for $199

Pop Culture News:
Supanova 2012 Staff Impressions
- Beyond and Magna Merger Confirmed
- Interview with Game of Thones’ Alfie Allen
- Interview with Buffy’s Mercedes McNab

Anime/Manga News:
REEL Anime hits in September
- Viz ‘Speeds Up’ Bleach Manga
- Anime Characters We Wish Didn’t Die
- Black Rock Shooter Licensed by Siren Visual
- UN-GO Release Delayed by Siren Visual
- Medaka Box 2nd Season Green-Lit
- Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Manga Ending

Tech/Gadget News:
Neal Stephenson’s CLANG passes $290K
- Nintendo partners up with PDP
- SGP Announces New Mix & Match Linear Case

Adventure Time: Righteous Quest 2 Review
- Star Wars The Old Republic Gaming Keyboard Review
- Resonance Review
- Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita Review
- WWE No Way Out 2012 Review
- Chronicle Review
- Teen Wolf Season 1 Review
- Light Byte Review
- Eager Beaver Review
- Disco Kitten Review
- Temple Run: Brave Review
- Gungnir Review
- Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Expansion Pack Review
- Asphalt 7: Heat Review
- Broken Blade Collection Review
- Lollipop Chainsaw Review
- The Amazing World of Gumball: School House Rush Review

Anime Say! Episode 12 – Supanova Sydney 2012
- Capsule Computers Podcast 049 – Ushering in E3
- CC Powerslam #8 – No Way Out Aftermath

See you next Sunday for the CC Weekly Recap.

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