Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirrors of Fate gets an E3 Trailer; Allucard Confirmed

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Remember that Nintendo Power article that revealed a bit of information on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirrors of Fate? Well, things are a lot clearer now, as Nintendo and Konami officially revealed a trailer for the new game, and this is looking like a hot title for the 3DS this fall.

First thing you should know about this portable version is that is seems to utilize a similar engine that Lords of Shadow used, but will have a 2.5D style of gameplay to capture that classic Castlevania feel that we all know and love. The story of the game will of course revolve around the famous Belmont family – but to make matters more interesting, Alucard is also briefly shown in the trailer, which means this title may bring this plot full circle. Check out the trailer below, and hopefully more details will follow soon enough.

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