Wolfenstein 3D Now Available Free Via Browser

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This is it, the grandfather of the FPS’ genre has launched on the web browser format. The game that I am talking about here is the legendary classic, Wolfenstein 3D. This is for the 20th Anniversary for the game, and it is indeed a big one.

Wolfenstein 3D is about a prisoner of war captured in Nazi Germany and has to escape from the fortress in which he is detained. The gameplay was quite advanced for its time, but it may feel rudimentary for those of you that have never played an FPS that was released before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This is the second browser-based FPS from id Software, the first being Quakelive.

So be sure to check out the official website to play the game, or check out the facebook app, which will also allow you to play the game for free.

Check out the Directors Commentary embedded below.

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  • CellophaneGirl

    I love this game. I used to play it on my 3DO all the time. I kinda miss my 3D0, no point in getting another one, my sister tossed out all the games because she is INSANE!

    •  I agree, who would do that!?

      • CellophaneGirl

        A spiteful hateful sister who dosen’t like videogames and likes to torture me by destroying my things.  She was on a cleaning spree and was like “We don’t even have a system to play these on anymore” :: toss ::

        First of off most of the games were MINE and second of all the ones that weren’t just mine were both of ours. I’m so mad about that. I didn’t have a ton of games but I had some good ones… about 20 or so games.  ;__;

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