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We have 2 the awesome Wraith Red Naga Hex  courtesy of  Razer.

Razer Naga Hex – Wraith Red Edition to fuel your blood frenzy in hack n’ slash games. The best weapon to cut down hordes of monsters crawling out from the depths of evil is now available to gamers in an all-new blood red color. Made especially for hack n’ slash, MOBA and Action RPG games, the Razer Naga Hex Wraith Red edition sports the same devastating 6 mechanical side buttons as the original Razer Naga Hex. Bind a hotbar of skills or inventory items to rapidly unleash hell on boss runs and maintain effective crowd control as enemies attack from all sides. Having the 6 crucial commands so close to your thumb allows for rapid actuations and enemies dead faster than they can react. check out for more information.

All you have to do to win is to simply leave a comment below on why you NEED this awesome Razer product. 

2 Lucky winners will be drawn at random on the June 8, 2012. Good luck to you all!


Competition is open WORLDWIDE. When you enter please leave a VALID email address and also mention what part of the world you are from.


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  • Margaret

    Because it’s red, my fave colour!!

  • Kylie B

    Because its red so it goes faster thus meaning better faster game play.

  • Tonya Walker

    I would love to win this awesome mouse for my husband. He is a game fanatic and loves to keep up with technology. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • alex g

    five teenagers that are really into it- new gadgets and mum is queen for a day- help!

  • Clackers30

     What a great asset to gaming and having a one up on my kids the Razer Naga Hex would give meAustralia

  • Dresden

    It would definitely be great to get a brand new mouse, it is nearly impossible to try and do anything with games with my current mouse, the damn right click button barely works and the mouse wheel only scrolls down, that is all. So this would be a great asset and that glow affect looks amazing!

  • Dresden

     Sorry, forgot to include my country. North America is where I am from.

  • I don’t have much co-ordination & can’t use a computer without a mouse, especially if I play games.

  • Trish73

    OMG red ones go faster and they go with my Holden Racing Tear gear

  • Although I would love and utilize this amazing mouse, I’d give it to my boyfriend who is a more serious PC gamer and does so much for me. 

  • Nelle

    Mouse slow.. taken bait? Need new one.. can’t wait!

  • Arballantyne

    What would be better and it adds another dimension to the game for sure

  • russ

     Need it for my gaming wife!

  • Amanda

    cause theres a new  mouse in the house and hes  seen  red, look out gaming hes a cut above the rest.

  • emski (Hobart Australia)

    Then I could achieve RSI through others means 😉

  • My mouse can’t keep up with my ‘clicking finger’; since Razer has got the best gaming mice; Razer has to be it!

  • Melissa W (South Australia)

    My mouse has got trapped…. belly up….. keeled over…. kicked the bucket…. given its last squeak… cat ate it… I need a new one!

  • Our competition for the Wraith Red Naga Hex has ended.  Our two lucky winners are :

    Dresden & Leon Mok

    Congratulations to both winners.  We’ll be in contact with you shortly.

    For everyone else that entered make sure you check out our existing competitions. We’ll have a few more coming up soon.

  • I NEED this mouse because I’m totally in love with it! Besides, I have a crappy mouse, and my parents refuse to buy me a new one because “this works”. It’s almost a dream to have a new one, specially from Razer!

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