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We have 5 codes of  Bundle in a Box – Adventure Box (valued at $40.00 – to give away courtesy of  Bundle in a Box. All you have to do to win is to simply leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the bundle and why you want to win it.

The Bundle consists of :

Genini Rue
Ben There, Dan That!
Time Gentlemen, Please!
1893: A World’s Fair Mystery
The Sea Will Claim Everything

And two Bonus games :

The Shivah
Metal Dead


FIVE lucky winners will be drawn at random on the May 30, 2012. Good luck to you all!


Competition is open WORLDWIDE. When you enter please leave a VALID email address and also mention what part of the world you are from.


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  • ibigfire

    I think the bundle is awesome.  It’s nice to see some indie adventure game love, especially because for a decade the indie scene was the almost the only place to find adventure games.

    I want to win it because I’ve been a fan of Adventure games since playing Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis with my Nana at her house, and I still remember the joy when I found out I could actually run Sam & Max: Hit the Road at my house’s computer if I hit the turbo button on the front of the tower.

  •  Got to love the Bundle in a Box!

  • Paul5473

    Brilliant bundle, The games in the bundle are nice and classic indie games which define the name indie 🙂

    The reason i would like to win is well i dont normal win stuff so this would proberly be my first win another reason is my brother wants this bundle and he cant afford it and neaither can i at the moment in this month or i would get it for him

  • Great 😀 hope to win this. I already have 2 of the games, but im willing to give some of the games to friends 😀 the 2 pack, is a brillant person.

  • Dan Hills

    It’s great to see the adventure game genre is still alive and well on the indie game scene. Hopefully with enough exposure, this bundle can pick up enough of a following for some of the larger game developers to revive some long dead licenses (grim fandango)

  • kof91

    Great bundle with retro styled adventure games even comes with text adventures! Have not played any of those yet therefore would like to win a copy to play.

  • Great Adventure games, I’ve already had chance to play some of them and they were really fun 🙂 I want to win the bundle because I’d like to see the rest of them

  • I’d like to win this bundle because I love the adventure game genre and I’d love to play these games.

  • the adventure games rocks its an awesome and original genre with really interesting stories

  • Murgatroyd7

    I think it’s great that you guys are helping to bring awareness to adventure games like this.  It is a genre that has been overlooked for far too long now.  Too bad ’cause these games reigned supreme when I was a kid.  Even if I don’t win anything, you’ve got a new fan over here in USA.

  • Eddie Lin

    Adventure game is good for entertaining.

    I want to show those games at live stream.

  • Ay Dios

    Great giveaway, thx!

  • Martin

    I’m a big Adventure-fan so I just love it. Thats also the reason why I already bought it. I still wanna win to gift it to my twinbrother. Thx for the giveaway, greets from Germany. 

  • louiedog

    I’d been playing games for a few years before discovering adventure games, but they’re the genre that really made me love gaming. As a kid I found a copy of Monkey Island (notice the MI2 screen as my avatar) and played through it start to finish without a walkthrough or hints of any kind. It was incredibly rewarding to solve all of those puzzles and the writing kept me laughing the entire time. 

    I wanted more of that. Mario didn’t do that. Sonic didn’t do that. Those games were great, but Monkey Island was something different. It was about story and characters and it sucked me in completely. I immediately went and looked for more, like Loom, LeChuck’s Revenge, Police Quest, etc. I want this bundle because games like The Shivah interest me greatly. A game about a Rabbi trying to save his synagogue? You don’t see that in any other genre. The others seem great as well and I’d love to play them.

    • louiedog

      Oops. Apparently I wasn’t logged in using twitter (@louiedog) so the part about my avatar makes no sense. 

  • Matt Williams

    Seems like a group of pretty cool games. Some of the names are odd.


  • its a great bundle,  the games are great!

  •  I think this bundle is one of the best ways to spread a little ADVENTURE for the people around the world, not only we live in a society of gamers today that only know to shoot each other in the endless list of FPS that saturate the market. This is an awesome way to make them pay attention to one of the oldest genres in videogames history and also learn to enjoy other type of games that bring not guns but puzzles and stories that will entertain and at the same time work your brain and give you that joy when you progress agaisnt each and every obstacle in your way. I NEED this bundle!

  • Tyler Woodworth

    Gemini Rue just looked fantastic and I’ve heard a lot about Size fives games but never had the opportunity to try them. 

    The bundle is really interesting, dedicating this one purely to adventure games is great since they seem less commonplace. I haven’t played a satisfying adventure game in some time and all of these look pretty darned good.

  • ninjapresident

    I’ve been wanting The Shiva and Gemini Rue for a while, and I missed them on previous bundles.  Now they are both in one bundle. Whoopee!

  • thats a awesome bundle. I really want to play Gemini Rue, I heard great things about that point and click adventure.  Would love the chance to try it myself

  • Great contest. Best of luck to everyone!

  • Langfordfamily

    My family would go CRAZY for this “Bundle in a Box – Adventure Box”.  With a house full of boys who love gaming and we have just started gaming on the PC, we would be so STOKED.  We are from Queensland, Australia.  Cheers CAPSULE COMPUTERS.

  • oasis789

    huge adventure game fan, love the idea of indie adventure games taking off! would love to play 

  • All great games and will certainly get it later when I feel like because the becausewemay indie sales are sure taking lots of time.

    All games are good and have played Ben There, Dan That as well as Time Gentlemen Please so I can vouch the quality and Gemini Rue has great reviews all over. Not sure about 1983 and the Sea, but seeing the other games makes me think these are all quality games and I will get them.

  • One of the best recent bundles. Especially for people who missed the old ones. Thank you for this

  • Lindenboyd

    Gemini rue is the first game in along time that makes me want to play my pc again and not just use it for searching the net and I would be good to try the others I miss the old school games

  • Thony Hansson

    This bundle is awesome! I want to win this so i have something to do! 😀
    Europe, Sweden

  • DS

    Thanks for having this contest!

  • Merryl

    What an amazing bundle of games. Playing them will keep me warm through winter.
    I’m in Australia.

  • I am amazing and sexy but the games in this bundle are even more amazing and sexy. Tru Fax!

  • kerry santillo

    Would like to try all of these, I am sure I will not be as bored during winter!!! exciting and a great giveaway x

  • Jasmine1485

    I love point-and-click style adventure games (I still play the Broken Sword series), mysteries (I quite like the games based on Agatha Christie novels) and the adventure genre in general, so this sounds like a great buy!  If I won, I’d save it for a couple of weeks, until my exams are over, and then use it as a reward 🙂  I’m in QLD, Australia.

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  • Games like this remind me of how good the nineties were, I wanna relive those glory days with a couple new adventure games. Hopefully no making moustaches with tape and cats fur though!!

  • Racketmachine

    Yay! I love these types of games. 
    Email is and I live in the USA!

  • Raz

    It is a great bundle because it has variety. I loved playing adventure games back in the day when I first got a computer and would love to pick up on the habit again.


  • Congratulations to the following Lucky Winners :

    Shaun Clissold  
    Thony Hansson 

    Thank you to everyone else that entered the competition.  Stay tuned we’ll be starting a new competition in the next hour or so!

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