Street Fighter x Tekken bombs, Capcom is sad about this

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So as it turns out, Street Figher x Tekken bombed in sales, only barely scraping past half of it’s expected return (made $1.4mil of expected $2mil). As you would imagine Capcom is not too pleased by this development. Capcom had invested quite a lot of time and money into the development and promotion of this game and with this meagre return Capcom has not made a profit.

The game itself was critically slammed across the board for numerous reasons, most prominent of which was that the game itself felt like Street Fighter IV with Tekken characters DLC.  This is undoubtedly a disappointing return for a disappointing game and it is unknown whether Capcom can recoup from this huge revenue loss, but fans of the Capcom’s fighting franchise can only hope that this may stand as a wake up call for a company that has long lost it’s touch.

What do you think about Street Fighter x Tekken bombing financially for Capcom? Let us know what you think of this flop in the comments section below.

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