Posted by Joshua Spudic on May 14, 2012

Sorcery: The Science Behind The Magic

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has revealed a teaser showcasing real life experiments based on the spells featured in Sorcery, the latest Playstation Move game. BBC science expert, Steve Mould, will demonstrate these experiments in a series of educational videos, entitled ‘The Science Behind The Magic’. There has been no indication when these educational videos will be released, but it would be between now and the release of the game on May 24. Experiments will include levitation and lightning, both spells used in the game.

Sorcery follows Finn, an apprentice to a powerful sorcerer named Dash. Taunted by the talking feline, Erline, he leaves the confines of his master’s home and travels to the Land of the Restless Dead. While there, he accidentally releases the Nightmare Queen from a spherical prison. She takes over the land and it is up to Finn to defeat her, using the Slumbering Key to aid him.

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