Playstation Network to Preload Digital Downloads – A Hint for the Future?

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Sony  are pulling something of a Steam, allowing for pre purchased digital games to be pre downloaded on the PlayStation Network. This is no big deal to PC and Mac gamers, who have been enjoying this sort of thing for a while now, but for consoles it’s a bit of a significant step. No more will you have to wait until release date to hit that download button, and join the inevitable queue on the servers as everyone else does the same. Selected titles will now be playable from the off, but exactly when that is (midnight on release day or when the Store updates?) is yet to be revealed.

Of course the key phrase here is selected titles,with only certain games getting the preload treatment. The first on the list will be  PSN exclusive and Move requiring Sorcery, out next week. It’s probably a pretty safe bet that all PSN exclusives will get the same benefit from now on, and presumably any major titles that could attract big business.

Pre downloading is a handy little feature, but could it also signal that Sony are leaning more towards the digital format? Consoles are still hanging on to ye good olde physical copies, but future gen rumours abound for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 that hint at a more digitized future. Of course we have zero concrete information about future consoles right now so it is anyone’s highly opinionated guess – a hint to the future of Sony gaming or just a handy feature?

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