“Mario Kart 7” Exploits Dry Up

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There was a little problem with Mario Kart 7 when it was first released, it was discovered that there were a few accidental “shortcuts” on some of  the levels.  These shortcuts were in fact exploits, routes that only worked because of a mistake in the game’s programming, where exploiters could throw themselves into the water on a few of the levels and be dropped off on the other side of the lake for their trouble, far far further ahead than when they entered.

Needless to say, this kind of sucked for legit players that actually wanted to follow the course, as they didn’t stand a chance against anyone using these exploits. But, have no fear players, Nintendo is releasing an update to handle this problem.  Players can get the Update data for Mario Kart 7 from the eShop for free of course after ensuring they have the latest 3DS system update.  Those that don’t download the update will no longer be allowed on Online Multiplayer, but can still manage local multiplayer and single-player races of course.

It’s great seeing Nintendo taking action against this exploitation, even if it did take a little while to actually get.

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