Majesco Announce 2012 E3 Line-Up

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Looking back, it’s been a fantastic year for Majesco. Zumba Fitness has dominated the genre of dance/workout titles, and Mama has even seen a good bit of success with her 3DS debut and quite enjoyable camping adventure on the DS. Who could forget BloodRayne Betrayal as well, which launched on E3 is right around the corner though, and the publisher is promising nothing but better things for the coming 12 months that follow the world famous event.

So what will Majesco bring to the table? Well, first up, a motion-based basketball game by the name of NBA Baller Beats will make it’s debut. This isn’t your typical ball game though, as players must use a real basketball to bounce to the soundtrack with the added in Kinect support, capturing their ball handling skills in the process. There are plenty of extras to toy with as well, with over 100 posters and trading cards showcasing NBA players’ greatest moves to unlock along with more songs, and even greater difficulty levels thrown in that you must master.

Zumba Fitness will also receive more love as well, with the next title in the hit franchise (that will see a release this fall) being revealed for the first time.

Yeah, it isn’t the longest list, but I would say that NBA Baller Beats is sure to catch a lot of interest due to it’s uniqueness, and you can be sure that Zumba fans will want to pay attention to the event in order to see where the music will take the series next. Stay tuned in June, as we will be sure to bring you full coverage on all of these offerings and more when Capsule Computers heads to E3 2012.

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