Far Cry 3 Insane Edition announced exclusively for Europe

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It is always disappointing to see a collector’s edition of an upcoming video game announced exclusively for a certain region, because that means that anyone who would have liked to receive the special goodies included in the package will either need to spend a hefty import cost or just deal with their basic edition.

This is even more disappointing when it turns out that the collector’s edition has some rather cool contents. Today Ubisoft revealed the Far Cry 3 collector’s edition which will be available only in Europe. This collector’s edition contains a bobblehead of Michael Mando with a hula skirt, along with all the pre-order content which is spread across various retailers, as well as an “exclusive survival kit packaging” and “essential island survival guide.” This Insane Edition only costs £15 more than the other special edition, the Lost Expeditions Edition which makes it quite enticing. You can see all of the contents in the Insane Edition in the video below.

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