Face off against Ryu in Asura’s Wrath today

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In what can only be seen as a very strange crossover, even for Capcom’s standards, the DLC that will pit Asura against Street Fighter’s Ryu in Asura’s Wrath was released worldwide today. The DLC can be picked up on the PS3 or 360 for $2 or 160 MSP respectively. It is worth noting however that the DLC is not English dubbed and the characters will only speak in Japanese.

Not much is known about this DLC at the moment besides the fact that the two fighters will face off against one another in a Street Fighter IV like battle system. Does this mean that Asura may be a character in Ultimate Street Fighter IV Arcade Crossover Hyper Extended Edition Infinity Burst? Possibly. Or you know… they’ll lock him on there as some on-disk DLC.

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