Dirt Showdown demo hits the streets

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Dirt Showdown is finally upon us, as the Demo has gone live, unleashing demolition style derby racing as well as a full destructive solo campaign across XBox Live, Playstation Network and Steam for PC users. To coincide with the Demo’s release, Codemasters have also released a new gameplay video giving a glimpse of whats to be expected within the Demo Derby mode. Featured within the downloadable demo is the 8 Ball race, a frantic mix of speed and adrenalin through San Francisco which must be completed in order to unlock the Rampage multiplayer mode. Rampage is where the real destruction begins, in a frenzied 8 player race to the death.

Downloading Dirt Showdown will get you an invite to Racenet in its beta form, allowing you to track your progress across all Codemasters racing titles. Resistering also gives players access to join community races and challenges and once the full title launches will open up a new world of interactivity for players to track and monitor their own and others stats.

Dirt Showdown will launch on May 24th for XBox 360, PS3 and PC

Australian and NZ residents remember to pre-order the Hoonigan edition for heaps of bonuses and extra content

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