Developer of Kingdoms of Amalur misses monthly payment of $1.25 million to Rhode Island

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While Kingdoms of Amalur may have been praised as a success by Electronic Arts, the developer, 38 Studios may not be seeing dollar signs. In fact the only thing the company is currently looking at is a rather substantial debt they owe the Rhode Island government.

It was revealed by WPRI that Rhode Island gave 38 Studios $75 million in an effort to get them to relocate from Massachusetts. This was done to generate jobs and tax revenue for Rhode Island, however it seems that taxpayers may not be too happy when everything is said and done. You see, 38 studios missed their last payment of $1.25 million and are now behind that much. As such, if 38 Studios can’t afford to pay their bills, taxpayers may have to pay for them. The final total will reach up to $112.6 million by 2020 which is just lovely…

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