Cybertron falls this Winter

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Activision and High Moon Studios are passing the Matrix of Leadership this Winter (Fall for the northern hemisphere)  to Transformers : Fall of Cybertron the  upcoming sequel to the highly successful Transformers : War for Cybertron and from details coming to light about this years Transformers title, it will not disappoint. Scientist, Infiltrator, Destroyer and Titan are confirmed classes for this year and as previously mentioned here at Capsule Computers: Grimlock, a much beloved character from the generation one series makes his debut with sword and shield in hand but in an interesting twist Grimlock can’t transform at will but must instead generate rage in battle until his rage peaks and he can take on the the hulking destructive power of the T-Rex.

This along with retooled character creation, the ability to upgrade gear and  the addition of unique and special abilities for each character some of which have been revealed :  Grappling hook for  Jazz, the Combaticons ability to merge into Bruticus a gestalt combining all 5 transformers into one colossal Decepticon and Optimus Prime’s command of Metroplex, a titan of an Autobot who in the original series transformed into an Autobot base of operations. We look forward to much more as the games release in August of 2012 approaches but if for some reason all of this plus embodying Grimlock’s mantra of “me Grimlock smash you”  as a raging beast isn’t enough for you, Activision and High Moon Studios have come prepared as for the first time in 25 years Gregg Berger the original generation one series voice for Grimlock will reprise his role as the king of the Dinobots.






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