To Love-Ru Darkness gets Anime Adaptation

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Ecchi fans, hold onto your pants as this news might just blow them off. Popular ecchi harem manga, To Love-Ru Darkness has been confirmed to be finally getting an anime adaptation. That’s right To Love-Ru fans, you will finally be able to see all your favourite harem girls in all their jiggly animated glory.

The anime adaptation is said to be handled by Xebec, a studio with a lot of experience in this genre (Love Hina, anyone?). The anime has yet to be given a premiere date.

To Love-Ru Darkness is the sequel to the original To Love-Ru manga simply titled To Love-Ru. Both series revolve around an incredibly lucky young man, who finds himself surrounded by a harem of busty babes.

What do you think of To Love-Ru Darkness getting an anime adaptation? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Yaoran! 

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  • You need more information on the story of the series, the demonic people are aliens whose father is the King of the Universe. Watch the anime or seek me for anime research

    • You’re awesome Todd.
      I hear Capsule Computers is hiring.

    • Hey Todd, I summarised the plot. I don’t think I necessarily needed to detail the history of the girls in order to let readers know that the manga will be animated… Also To Love-Ru Darkness has not even been made into an animation yet so how can I ‘watch it’ like you suggested? I am a fan of the series, I will not seek you for any research as you do not have any modicum of a point with this comment and seem to be missing the point of this article. Thank you, have a nice day.

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