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An old school anime series has popped up on Hulu for American viewers this week, here’s a clue as to what series it is (incase the images and heading didn’t give that away): He was transported to a far away land, to a world where monsters ruled. He played the game like an ace and now he is in this place, he’s got to save the monsters from the evil Moo. It’s Monster Rancher of course!

That’s right, the cult classic anime series Monster Rancher is now available on Hulu for North Americans. The series came out in the early 2000’s riding the wave of popularity of Pokemon, but gained a cult fan base due to it’s more mature themes and plot.

So if you are a fan of Monster Rancher, you can relive all your childhood memories of the series on Hulu now, right from the very beginning here. What do you think of Monster Rancher coming to Hulu? Sound off in the comments below.

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