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Jane Jensen, the mind behind Gray Matter and the Gabriel Knight series, has started a Kickstarter for the company she has started with her husband, Robert Holmes.  The company, Pinkerton Road, is looking to release old school-style adventure games similar to her previous work.

But, more than just funding it through Kickstarter, Pinkerton Road wants to use a CSG or Community Supported Gaming model, where those funding are given an active role in decisions and updates.  Right now, there are 3 game concepts ready and funders will get to vote for the first to be made on May 1st.  If the fund makes enough they will be releasing two games in 2013.  The 3 concepts to choose from are Gray Matter 2, Moebius, or Anglophile Adventure.

Check out the video about it below and check out the Kickstarter page HERE to show your support.

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