“Forge of Empires” Starts Open Beta

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At the March, Forge of Empires was just entering a closed beta, but the response has been so great that InnoGames has opened the beta to everyone starting today.  Currently, the open beta is only in English, but the German beta is coming the 19th, with French, Dutch, and Polish to also be available thereafter.  100,000 players had already pre-registered for the start of the open beta prior to today, so we’ll see how many more will join in.

Forge of Empires itself is a strategy game for the browser where players build cities in the Stone Age and progress it through time to build technologies, trade, and military prowess.  The game features an extensive single player campaign, but also features more and more PvP elements.  If you’re interested in the English beta be sure to check it out and register today HERE.

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