Posted by J. Bradshaw on Apr 4, 2012

Basketball DLC added to Kinect Sports Season 2

Although Kinect Sports Season Two originally launched with only 6 sports, Rare has been steadily adding new modes through DLC.  This week they added Basketball.  Priced at 400 Microsoft Points, the Basketball add-on includes 3 modes to play through: Alley-Oop Dreams, Shot Party and 3-Point Hero, all playable solo or in multiplayer, Quick Play or Challenge Play. In addition, all of the features below are included.
• New achievements for players to unlock
• Playable single person or multiplayer (1-4 players)
• Available in Quick Play mode or in Challenge Play mode

3-Point Hero
- Test shooting skills from various spots around the court and shoot as many hoops as you can before time runs out
- Jump to shoot and score baskets
- Balls are worth 3 pts. each
- ‘Bonus ball’ rewards players with extra time

Shot Party
- Use precision timing to clear rotating targets (music discs) in front of the basket
- Trigger musical tunes and rack up points with each disc you hit
- Employ a standing shot from in front of the basket in same manner as free throw
- Beware of penalties for hitting a black vs. silver disc

Alley-Oop Dreams
- Employ passing accuracy and timing skills to set up Alley-Oop scenarios for your team
- Set your team up to score with passing left, right, high and low
- Rack up points by supporting your team (green) and avoiding opponents (red)

Grab the DLC here, or watch the trailer below first.

Source: Rare

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