A Valley Without Wind Coming Soon to Steam

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A Valley Without Wind is finally coming out of beta.  Arcen Games has announced that the game will be releasing on April 23rd, but that’s not all as when it releases as a full game, it will be available for the first time through Steam.  A Valley Without Wind is a 2D sidescroller with elements from all different kinds of games from platforming, to puzzle, to shoot-em-up, to strategy.

Those interested in how A Valley Without Wind plays can download the demo from Arcen Games HERE, or if you can wait until PAX East it will be on display at their booth.  If you get hooked enough, the beta will still be available before the full release, so you can see just how much A Valley Without Wind‘s world, Environ, has to offer.  Entering the beta now from Arcen, GamersGate, Impulse, and MacGamesStore for $9.99, saving 33% when it releases.

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