Yet another Pokemon game trademarked..

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With the recent release of Pokepark 2 and the news of sequels for Black and White, you would think Nintendo might be ready to ease up on the Poke-releases. Of course this is Nintendo, and they know what the fans want. More games.  Mysteriously, Game Freak and Nintendo have recently files a trademark for “Pokemon Adventure Camp”.

Yes, this barely qualifies as anything worthy of note, but to the hardcore fans, I am sure that lone title is enough to speculate with for some time. Personally, I smell a 3DS title underway that mirrors the same jolly stylings of the Pokepark series, but it’s way too early to guess that at the moment. Either way, this marks the 4th upcoming Pokerelease to drool over, and once more information rises, we will be sure to bring you an update. Stay tuned.

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  • CellophaneGirl

    I agree with your idea that it’s going to be a 3DS game in the style of the pokepark games. I’m sure it won’t be totally the same because if that was the case it would just be “pokepark 3DS” or something like that. But who knows.  I look forward to more information on what the game will be about. 

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