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The Next Big Thing may have been the last big thing, Runaway was a runaway success, and now we don’t have long to wait until Yesterday.

Pendulo Studios have announced that thier next adventure game, Yesterday, will be released on PC on Thursday March 22nd.

Yesterday tells the story of one John Yesterday, who wakes up with, ironically, no memory of yesterday. All he recalls is that he recently tried to commit suicide in Paris, he’s an expert in Satanism, and he’s been hired to investigate a religious sect’s involvement in a spate of murders of New York’s homeless population. A life like that you’d assume one would remember, but it’s clear the memory loss is due to powers beyond his control.

Maybe, the character calls himself Yesterday because he can’t remember his real name? I’m guessing now, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Read our hands-on preview of the game, and check out the new screenshots below.


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