Unity and Madfinger release Shadowgun project level

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Unity and Madfinger games, the developers of the hit iOS and Android third person shooter Shadowgun have formed a partnership to release a free sample level project chock full of innovative and unique techniques relating to the Unity Engine. The Unity Engine has multiple features that compliment development for all platforms ranging from a heavy focus on mobile and web based games through to console and PC/ Mac publishing. The project includes a lot of tips and the techniques which Madfinger used in order to fine tune the Shadowgun code to be utilised with the Unity Engine.

For a really interesting read, have a look at the in-depth details regarding Madfingers use of the Unity Engine and how they explain in much more detail how they optimised gameplay in Shadowgun with the engine. They explain everything from Alpha Blending through to character shading in the code which are much efficient and have less of a drain on gameplay and the fluidity of the experience.



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