Trine 2 to Recieve AAAA Expansion (Not DLC!)

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There’s no denying that Finnish developers Frozenbyte are extremely passionate about their latest release, Trine 2. The fantasy puzzle platformer gathered a lot of praise upon it’s release last year, and keeping good on their promise of the past few weeks, Frozenbyte have just revealed that the game will receive new content in the spring, in the form of a AAAA expansion. AAAA I here you say? Shoddy rhymes aside, Frozenbyte are determined to provide quality extra content for their game, doing justice to the original campaign and providing the best quality that they can.

The expansion is yet to be named and dated, but will include six new levels packed with new enemies and skills. The skills will be useable in the original Trine 2 campaign, bringing a new element of replayability to the main game. Some small updates and a new difficulty level will also be included, all promised to be retailing at a ‘modest price’. The plot will be an entirely new journey for the three heroes of the Trine, providing yet another reason for the developers to avoid the tag of ‘DLC’.

You can check out the trailer for the new content below: prepare for some pretty.

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