Take Earth Back with Mass Effect 3 – Out Now

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Guess what. It’s finally out. That’s right, the first big blockbuster release of 2012 has hit at least some of the worlds shelves. North American gamers can now get their hands on a copy of Mass Effect 3, with Australia and New Zealand following on March 8 and March 9 respectively. The final chapter in Commander Shepard’s journey is by no means limited to the retail game, with Bioware’s new Galaxy at War feature bringing several other ways to contribute to the final outcome of the main game, including the iOS app Mass Effect Infiltrator.

For the first time ever the series comes complete with up to four player co-op, which also contributes to the Galaxy at War readiness rating. Keen fans of the series will of course have got their hands on some of this portion of the game already, it having been released alongside the playable demo a few weeks ago. Expectations are certainly running high, so keep an eye on Capsule Computers to see just how well the game does to match them.


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