Steamscope Now Available for Free!

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Digital Frame Studio have entered a partnership with one of my favourite App websites, Daily App Dream (a website dedicate to bringing free apps to the people). Thanks to their teaming up you can now grab futuristic arcade racer, Steamscope HD, for FREE for a limited time.

Steamscope is a super addictive game where players try to make their way through a tunnel system, dodging obstacles and activating games. With a new update that brought a bunch of new enhancements and improvements to the graphics, gameplay, challenges and levels, this is definitely an app to look at getting. Steamscope will certainly challenge your reflexes and put yourself to the ultimate test. And, as always, a great way to pass some time and challenge your friends to put your skill up against theirs.

Steamscope is available NOW for the iPad for FREE for a limited time. Grab it HERE. For more info on Daily App Dream, as well as other apps that are for free, then head on over to their SITE.

BRB, playing games.

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