Star Diamonds Paradise Brings A New Arcade Puzzler to iOS

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Who doesn’t love a good old classic arcade puzzler? Star Arcade has released a new version of the arcade puzzler, Star Diamonds Paradise. Not only do you get to play with an awesome upgrade of the game, you also get new features and content, and (for a limited time) is available for FREE with popular site Free App A Day.

In Star Diamonds Paradise you collect diamonds by sweeping around a chain of diamonds and capturing an area for yourself. Your aim is to capture the largest possible area (55%), turning the red areas in to blue. Special items are also available throughout to game to help you capture additional areas and take down your opponents. Plus, this new version has updated and awesome new graphics, chat, customizable themes, new and unique upgrades, and much more!

Star Diamonds Paradise is available on iPhone, iTouch and iPad for FREE (as long as you get in quick!). Grab your copy of the app HERE.

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