Sony’s President promises more “Game Heavens” amidst harsh criticism

Sony PS Vita News

Recently, Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan held what they called a PlayStation Vita Game Heaven broadcast that was supposed to reveal a bunch of new titles for the PlayStation Vita. Obviously this raised Vita owners’ hopes immensely, though once the “broadcast” began it was met with disdain and unsatisfied viewers.

The broadcast itself contained barely any titles that were highly anticipated by fans and was also done in an extremely poor manner. It seems that the criticism for the event was so high that Sony’s President Hiroshi Kawano had to write a blog post on the Japanese PlayStation Community site about it. As translated by Andriasang, Kawano stated that he will take the “Harsh criticism” from viewers to heart and use it as a lesson for the future. Kawano ended his blog stating that people can look forward to new changes that are being implemented into the next Game Heaven, whenever that will be.

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