Prepare for plenty of customization DLC in Soulcalibur V starting next month

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Next month Soulcalibur V is meant to start receiving costume DLC on a monthly basis. While we’ve seen some screenshots from the Japanese version of the game detailing various outfits that will be released here in North America, we have yet to see these outfits in action.

That is until now when the below YouTube video appeared, providing us a look at all the various DLC pieces that can be acquired, such as school swimsuits and maid outfits. Sounds like there will be plenty of Japanese influences in the Create a Warrior section now.

All of the costumes will be available through the”Cepheus Store” which looks like it will be added during the patching of the game on March 21st where Namco Bandai will be balancing and fixing over 240 things in the game. Currently no pricing has been revealed nor has Namco Bandai revealed whether or not individual costumes will need to be purchased or if players can buy entire sets.

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