Phi Brain Season 2 Licensed by Sentai Filmworks

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Sentai Filmworks has announced by press release that they have bought the license for the second season of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle.  Phi Brain will be finishing its first season this weekend, with the second due to start the weekend afterwards.  The second season will be 25 episodes, just as the first season had, and is set for online release as it comes out as well as for home release after it finishes its run.

Phi Brain tells the story of Kaito Daimon, a student at the Root Academy, who has been granted the title of Einstein for his outstanding mental prowess and puzzle solving abilities.  After solving a Sage Puzzle and gaining the Orpheus armband, Kaito must now solve puzzles from the Givers of the P.O.G. to prove his worth to even attempt to solve the legendary Puzzle of God.

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