Nintendo Reveal first Trailer for Ketzel’s Corridors

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Nintendo recently announced quite a few new additions that will be joining the eShop soon, and one of the more interesting titles listed was Ketzel’s Corridors. After just a day of waiting and wondering just how this puzzler would play though, a new trailer has risen to give us a good glimpse of what to expect.

Imagine “Hole in the Wall”, but instead of moving limbs to fit, you must quickly align Tetris-like blocks to move forward. That is the vibe given in the new clip, and with the Aztec art design and clever mechanics, I honestly think this is yet another perfect fit for the platform as the 3DS’ visual depth should make this simple puzzler a rather immersive one. Check out the first trailer for Ketzel’s Corridors down below, and once an official date is announced, we will be sure to bring out an update.

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