Next Atelier game, Project A14, coming to PS3s in Japan this June

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While the trailer for Ciel no Surge was a great little reveal at Gust’s stage event in Akihabara, their true reason for holding the event was to reveal that they are working another Atelier title for the PlayStation 3. Currently the title is simply called “Project A14” and it will feature characters by a brand new designer, though Gust was tight lipped about who the new designer is.

There will be more details released at the end of March in Dengeki PlayStation magazine Andriasang reports, though it has so far been revealed that the game is in fact a brand new Atelier series and has no relation to the “Arland” series of games such as Atelier Rorona, Totori or Meruru. The theme for A14 will be “The Promise Begins” and is currently set for a June release.

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