New Kingdom Hearts 3D Screenshots are Frame-Worthy

Square Enix RPG News 3DS

Kingdom Hearts is one of those series that garnered a split fanbase over the years. On one side, you have the group that loves every release Square Enix have treated us to, and put together the broad and branching storyline without much problem. On the other side, you have fans who are only loyal to the main games of the franchise, and completely disregard all of the many handheld spin-offs. Yes, this feud of sorts has always been petty, but Kingdom Hearts 3D looks to completely end all tension between both parties.

Today, Square Enix released six new screenshots for the heavily anticipated 3DS title, which show off how the mainstay characters (Sora, Mickey, Kairi, and the rest) look in Dream Drop Distance. At just one glance, you can quickly see why sea salt ice cream has never looked better. For the first time in years, I also no longer feel the need for a console Kingdom Hearts game as Kingdom Hearts 3D seems to be substantial enough on it’s own to put both of it’s fanbases in awe with it’s brand new tale which is of course loaded with even more Disney lore. You can check out the screenshots below and once we learn a western release date, we will be sure to bring you an update.

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