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The Japan Game Awards are coming up in honour of those Games and their creators who have made significant contributions to the industry as a whole, which as we all know is one of Japans key World class industries. There a 4 major awards to be presented at the ceremony starting with the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry award which commend a group or individual who has made an impact on the development of the overall video game industry in the country based on recently released titles and work. The Game of the Year division is the most involved and features the Grand Award, the Award of Excellence, the Global Award and the Best sales Award, all open to titles released in Japan between April 2011 and March 2012 time frame. Also in this category on offer is the Game Designers Award which recognises uniqueness, creativity and innovation. Future Division is very true to its name and basically reads like  a scout award that is on the lookout for highly regarded titles that are judged by a panel to be very promising for future development. The Amatuer division is highly regarded and is given out to commend creative original titles, regardless of the fact they could be large groups of a developer working from a small office.

The Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association has been hosting the Awards to recognise and highlight excellence in game development since 1996. The Japan Game Awards are importnant as they recognise more the the title itself but the team behind it in an effort to raise awareness to their well respected gaming industry. The Japan Game Awards has a strong affiliation with the Tokyo Game Show recognised as a leader in gaming exhibitions, something which should open its scope to more gamers.

The Commendation ceremony is to be held at Makuhari Messe on September 20th as part of the Tokyo Game Show and is open to all members of the industry as well as all those from the public.

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