Hunter x Hunter Manga going on Hiatus… Again.

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After 30 weeks of consecutive serialization of Yoshihiro Togashi’s adventure manga Hunter x Hunter, it has been confirmed the manga will be returning to it’s former status of ‘on hiatus’. This 30 chapter run has been the manga’s longest run without a break in it’s near 15 year history.

The announcement is scheduled to be made in this coming Monday’s edition of Weekly Shonen Jump which will leave the manga on hiatus with it’s 340th chapter.

Fans can rest easy knowing that Togashi at least concluded two story arcs in his latest run at serialization and that the hiatus is only said to be brief. When exactly the manga will return to serialization however is up in the air as no solid date is confirmed. However the fact that it is said to be only brief indicates that it will not be anything like his past hiatuses (1 year in length).

What do you think of Hunter x Hunter going on hiatus once again? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Rings

    WHAT THE **** IS THIS ****.

  • Shenmintai

    He did 30 weeks non-stop so even if he takes leave on 10% of that time it will still be a month.

  • spaark

    Brief, as far as Togashi is concerned, means 3 months.

  • Zoio Silva

    Oh maaann… Damn Yoshihiro Togashi! This way you’re gonna kill me!

  • bluentos

    Seriously, as good as his manga is, how can he still have a job with this work ethic!

  • IHo

    Damn not again….. =( I hope I live enough to see the end of this manga 

  • NotAGAIN!

    I hope Togashi live enough to finish this manga.

  • himitsu

    TROLLING LEVEL: Togashi = MAX. lol

  • Aliklana_16

    maybe he just want 2 rest for a bit… 30 weeks make his hand exhausted…:P

  • sugoi_desu_ne

    He has mentioned many times he has this “bad habit” of taking breaks and not wanting to give into the publisher’s demands (it’s quite stressful being a mangaka). It was evident in his previous hit series Yu-Yu Hakushou, especially with the erupt end at the height of its success. I doubt his family really needs to work. His wife is Takeuchi-san who created the wildly successful Sailor-moon. I’m sure he’s still reaping the benefits from Yu-Yu as well (it was huge in Asia back in the 90s-early 00s). Together they’re sitting on a lot of copy-rights and licensing. I’m sure he just wants to enjoy some family time, he does have two kids after all. Either way, I support his rebellious nature. I also think he’s extremely lucky as not everyone in the world can tell his boss:” BTW, I’m gonna take some time off, again! See ya when I wanna see ya!”.  

  • GonxKillua

    Come back to me Hunter x Hunter!!!!!

  • Guest

    I don’t really mind whether he goes on hiatus or not. Hunter x Hunter is amazing and ever since I was just a young child, I’m already a big fan. I just really really really hope that Togashi will continue and he won’t just give it up :/

  • Rod

    This is bs!! Dont tell a story if you dont mean to finish it!! As a reader that has fallen in love with his characters I feel this hiatus are just excuses… At least warn ppl how long it will be!!!!!!

  • Reikoaikawa08

    looks like im living my life just to see the ending of this story.. man, ive been its fan for more than ten years now.. 

  • mangareader

    well its been over half a year, wen will this hiatus end??

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