Google Play Debuts as Rebranded Android Market

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Anyone on Google may have notice a bright red “New” next to Play, situated between Maps and YouTube.  What is Google Play?  Well, most simply it is a rebranding of the Adroid Market.  Google Play allows users to rent Movies or download Music, Books, and Android Apps from either a browser or their Android phone, while allowing them to use it on the other.

Each category is associated a color: music – orange, books – blue, movies – red, and apps – green.  Navigating for what you want is simple enough with tops, features, and genres in each category, but searching for what you want depends on whether or not you’re in a category.  Searching on the main will separate results by category, but searching in a category will focus on only that one and separate results into different breakdowns relevant to the category.

All very simple enough, so here’s hoping the rebranding works out for them.  Then again, this is Google.

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