Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Inside Ghosts #2

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Ghost Recon Future Soldier will mark yet another milestone as they commit to provide futuristic realism into modern warfare. In the video and information provided, we will experience many authentic prototypes and experiments from military bases encapsulated into the game. First let’s identity who will be carry this equipment.

What does it mean to be a Ghost? To me a ghost is practically untraceable leaving little to zero evidence behind them. The crew of the US Special Forces under the Joint Special Operations Command is remarkable enough to ditto that of its spectral counterpart. Taking out targets with ease and precision, these soldiers carry with them high-tech gear to aid their cause.



To be expected in future warfare, you would be able utilize a computerized unit to download and access virtual data. Ghost Recon Future Soldier offers this through the Cross Com being directly connected to the left-eye reticule. The advanced technology will offer an augmented reality through visuals in the “Heads Up Display – HUD”. Two types of augmented reality are at the players disposal:

  • A.T.L.A.S. – allows the display of real-time intel, providing live updates on battlefield situations as they evolve.
  • W.A.R. (Weapon Augmented Reality) – provides intel about current equipment such as weapons and ammo count as well as any targeted data.


Camouflage has been important in many battles to retain optimal positions and to take out high priority targets without alerting enemy camps. To take clothing camouflage the next level, deterring environment visuals is a viable step. Optical camo uses several components that aid in disguising the user: meta-materials (bend light), optic fiber, micro-LED-impregnated threads (mask position with background). Making this aspect believable, players will not be made fully invisible. Rather the player will be harder to detect by meshing into the background environment.


Drones offer an aerial view and can identify enemy targets. Two types of unmanned vehicles will be available with one providing enemy locations and able to attack with small explosives and low yielding EMP missiles.


Known as the UGV or Unmanned Ground Vehicle, the Warhound is a beastly ground unit that can withstand plenty of punishment. Whether you need a distraction or a movable cover, this unit will serve its purpose well.


Ranging from heartbeat sensors to decoy grenades, plenty of technology is available for a Ghost’s use. Here is a quick list of more technology that is available in game.

Drone Crawler
Thrown Sensor
Magnetic View – Provides a pulse measuring proximity of metal objects (guns, ammo)
EMP Grenade
NVT – Night Vision Tech
Backscatter Optic – Vision through close objects
OTR Scanner – Optical Target Recognition
Stun Mine
Exacto Rounds – Seeks out heads of targets

Check out the informative video below revealing details about technology and gear in Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

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