Gamevil Releases First DOTA-Like Game in Plants War

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Gamevil has released their new real-time mobile action game, Plants War. Plants War is the first DOTA-like game to be released onto the mobile market so far, so if you’re a fan of DOTA then this will definitely be a great game for you to pick up. The new defense strategy game pits two opposing forces in one battle arena to defend their towers and destroy the opponent’s one.

Plants War takes place after humans have abandoned Earth, leaving it riddled with pollution, in a Wall-E-esque sort of way. There is only one safe place for the plants, the Dryad Forest next to the magical Lake Naiad. In the game, the players must help Leafy and his plant-y friends defend the sacred lake from the Beasts.

You have to train up Heroes, so make sure to keep your tactics in mind as you train them up in levels and achievements. There are also several Heroes with unique abilities for you to use, and a special achievements and award system.

VP and Head of Gamevil USA, Kyu Lee, has said this about the game:

Plants War is a DOTA-like game that integrates RPG leveling up with real-time action strategy. We are excited to bring this new popular genre to the mobile market with the support of KOCCA and IDEABOX.

Plants War is available NOW for FREE on iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Grab your copy HERE.

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