Finish off your enemies with a little more flair with Skyrim’s 1.5 patch

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Variety is a must in life and even in Skyrim things can get a bit repetitive after you’ve seen the same kill cam animation repeated multiple times. However that is all about to change as Bethesda has a fancy new addition coming down the pipe for The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim inside patch 1.5.

In this new patch there are of course a few random things such as “better transition” when going in the water as well as fixing bugs and glitches and the like. The main addition however is a slew of new kill cams for melee weapons and even kill cams for magic and ranged weaponry. Take a look at some of these killing animations below and salivate as you wait for this update to come to the console versions soon while PC players can pick up the beta version right now.

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