Enjoy DrawSomething? Try Charadium II!

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If you haven’t noticed, the increasingly addictive yet simplistic DrawSomething has been taking over Facebook walls, iOS devices, and lives as of late. Those craving something a bit different and a bit more expansive are in luck as Charadium II offers a fix, with nearly the same type of mechanics involved.

Charadium II features online multiplayer, where you can go head to head and doodle or guess with friends or random players online. Those who enjoy the back and forth approach are also in luck, as this title lets up to four players take turns guessing words. This is also a timed romp as well, which makes accuracy crucial to the experience if you want to gather the most points and bragging rights.

For more information and to be taken to Charadium II’s download page (available in Free and Paid versions for the iPad & iPhone), check out the game’s official website here.

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