Double Fine Kickstarter fund hits 3 million; offers new reward

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There are only five hours left for potential donators to donate to the “Double Fine Adventure” Kickstarter fund at the time of this writing. However those who can’t make it in time to give their hard earned money to Double Fine’s new title don’t need to worry too much, they not only cleared their goal of $400,000, they decimated it.

As of the time of this writing, the fund has raised $3,128,860 which far surpasses their estimates. To try and get a few more people to donate however, a new bonus has been added during this last day, and that is the above T-shirts which will be given to those who want to donate $100 or more. Those who have been following the Kickstarter fund closely will also probably want to watch Tim Schafer’s broadcast on Ustream as he closes out the final two hours live. The broadcast begins at 6pm PDT/8pm EST.

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