Anchorman Sequel Announced

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Did you know that Ron Burgundy is an excellent flautist and has a handshake of steel? He actually popped up on Conan the other night to strut his stuff and catch some cred with the cool cats in the band. After demolishing his fellow host and paying his respects to the show, he got to straight to the point – there’s an Anchorman sequel in the works- and hey, if Ron Burgundy says it… it’s the truth!

So that’s a whole 8 years on from the release of the original movie; which was a veritable goldmine of quotes that really launched Will Ferrell into the big leagues. There’s no word yet on an official title or anything else for that matter, but it’ll be enough for fans of the legendary anchor to know that it’s happening. Stay tuned for more details: and stay classy.


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