THQ’s CEO Farell takes 50% cut in pay, board of directors also takes pay cuts

THQ Nordic News

THQ is not in a good way at the moment and after multiple stories over the past 24 hours, it appears even the higher-ups in the company are going to be suffering a hit as well. THQ’s investor document was released earlier today and in this new document we learn that the CEO Brian Farell will be taking a pay cut for the upcoming year.

Starting on February 15 his salary will be cut in half, going from $718,500 to $359,250. Depending on THQ’s situation next year, his salary will return to normal. The board of directors has also chosen to take a bit less money than normal as the document says that they have “elected” to take 50% less cash compensation for their time starting today. Let us hope that this reduction in salary will help save at least a few THQ employees’ jobs.

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