Star Wars The Old Republic Strategy Guide To Launch Alongside Oceanic Servers


As the title states, there will be a strategy guide to accommodate the launch of the oceanic servers for The Old Republic from makers Bluemouth Interactive/ Prima Games. Titled the Explorer Guide, this book will be the ultimate compendium to the Star Wars The Old Republic player.

The book is set to include the following and possibly more –

Within the 256 pages, readers will be able to find the location of every hidden Datacron to augment stats, reference hundreds of maps packed with critical information to guide them through their adventure and see tactical readouts on enemy locations, from Korriban’s deserts to Ilum’s icy plains.

Each custom-made, world map includes every taxi, bind point, vendor and more – plus readers will be able to see a planetary survival guide for classes, from Jedi Consular to Sith Warrior.

That’s right, custom made maps as well as hidden secrets and more! If you’re a massive Star Wars fan and already have the game, you should pick this book up when the game officially launches over here on March 1st. If you’re a new player, you should definitely pick up this guide alongside your purchase of the game.

Be sure to check out the guides official site for more info.

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