Seaman may be coming to the 3DS

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Some of you may remember the fish seen above. It was featured in a classic Dreamcast game that was all about raising a pet called a Seaman, and the game itself was called Seaman. While many loved this game back when it was released on the Dreamcast, it seemed that it would be the only time we ever saw the human faced fish on a game console. But apparently that is not the case.

Nikkei has reported that Seaman may be revived on the Nintendo 3DS via an online edition. Andriasang reports that Nikkei mentions a plan from Nintendo to revive other publishers’ games on the 3DS as a way to bring both fresh and nostalgic titles to the handheld system. While not providing any specifics, the paper did use Seaman as an example. Just imagine… the creepy faced fish who liked to throw feces at the screen may soon be able to do it in 3D…

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